We provide comprehensive services in all areas of commercial law: corporate law (establishing companies, corporate transformations, administration of General Meetings and internal decisions of shareholders and other company bodies, liquidation), the Commercial Register, contract law (preparation and review of contractual documentation, assistance in negotiating contractual terms), debt recovery, handling compensation for damages, and representation before courts, arbitration tribunals and other public authorities.


Issues involving owners' associations are a quite specific area of law that includes the relationship between the owners' association and its members, billing statements for services in connection with use of the apartments and commercial premises, creating and drawing on repair funds, relationships between the owners' association and management organizations, etc.


In civil law we focus primarily on rights in rem (ownership, co-ownership, joint marital property, rights of lien, pre-emption rights, etc.), contractual relationships of all types (purchase, donation, lease, work for hire) from drafting and negotiating through handling disputes, securing and recovering debts, and representing clients before courts, arbitration tribunals and other public authorities.


Our labor law practice includes services in relation to negotiating and terminating employment relationships and work performed outside an employment relationship, collective bargaining agreements, no-competition clauses, wage and other internal regulations of the employer, and handling damages incurred to the employee or employer in connection with the employment. We also represent clients in labor law disputes, usually involving termination of employment. 


In real estate we offer a wide range of services in all areas, particularly landlord/tenant law (negotiating and terminating lease relationships, vacating and handing over apartments and commercial premises), transfers of ownership rights (purchase and donation agreements), holding the purchase price in escrow during real estate transfers, construction (building proceedings, contracts for work, development projects), third-party property rights (liens, easements, pre-emption rights), representation in proceedings before land registry offices.


We provide advice in family law especially in relation to establishing custody arrangements; stipulating, modifying and recovering child support payments; and representing clients in divorce proceedings and negotiating settlement agreements for joint marital property, including representation in court.

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