It is an active member of Schrade International EWIV, an international association of law firms of which David Navrátil is the managing director.

This makes it possible to meet regularly and exchange experience with about 100 other attorneys from Central and Western Europe. 

This long-term cooperation also allows us to ensure comprehensive legal services in other countries in the region.


Established more than 40 years ago, this law firm provides advice in six branch offices in Baden-Württemberg and Berlin. 

It covers all areas of German commercial law and works with the support of partner offices in international matters. 

The firm also offers a "Spanish division" as a special service for legal relationships between Germany and Spain. 


Headquartered in Dornbirn and with branches in Vienna and Ulm, this firm specializes in cross-border matters. 

 Its strong team of attorneys makes it one of the top law firms in Austria and the dominant economic law firm in the Vorarlberg area. 

In addition to serving clients, attorneys at the firm also keep a strong focus on lecturing and publishing.


This Krakow-based firm focuses on domestic and international clientele in a wide range of areas within economic law. 

It stands out for its combination of legal expertise and individualized services that help clients achieve their goals.


This Bolzano-based firm represents private individuals and mid-size businesses.

The firm has extensive experience in representing clients in court, before public authorities and in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). 

It provides legal advice in German, Italian, English and Spanish.


Marcel Baker provides its services in Bratislava, primarily full-service legal advice to businesses of all sizes. 

It also offers international clients the option of acting as managing director or proxy holder. 

The firm specializes in automotive, telecommunications, IT and intellectual property.


This mid-size firm based in Budapest offers comprehensive advice for domestic and international clients with a special focus on IT and commercial law. 

Office staff communicates in Hungarian, German and English.


With offices in Lyon, Mulhouse and Strasbourg, this law firm is one of the top firms in France. 

Attorneys advise clients in all areas of economic law and property management. Clients, banks and private capital funds benefit from their specific knowledge in the textile, pharmaceutical, energy, construction and commercial sectors.

Close relationships with other firms allow us to secure full legal service in other countries as well.